Santa Fe Indian Market

August 2021, 2022

60 deg at 6:00, high of 72, rained most of the day

We came to Santa Fe because Martha’s friend, Carla, had talked so much about it. She and Marshall have been coming to the market for 25 years. They have participated in the organization and judging, and know many of the artists who come. But first, we went to the Farmer’s Market, A little rain didn’t seem to slow the regulars. It’s funny how people stand in line for a particular stand, when others seem to be selling the same thing. Martha loves a farmer’s market!

Dancing in The Rain

We met Carla and Marshall for lunch at The SantaCafe. Also joining were Carley, their granddaughter and Bob, an art enthusiast and avid fisherman. Bob talked about fishing several streams, but one stuck with me in Valle Caldera.

After lunch, we toured the booths. There are hundreds of them, where Indian artisans from all over come to display their work. They can submit work to be judged in one many categories, the winners getting a lot of notoriety. Collectors also come from all over the world, seeking out the best. Then there are thousands, like us, who have come to look and see what it is all about. this year was the 100th anniversary

It’s a bit overwhelming, so it was interesting to follow Carla and Marshall and listen to their comments. They know so many of these artisans and are greeted with smiles. We came back again the next day. It was a pretty day, which made it more pleasant to walk around. People were lined up for favorites of corn and fried bread. 

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