Leaving Reserve Faunique du Saint-Maurice

I stopped at the accuiel to thank Genevieve for all her wonderful help and tremendous patience! She nicely agreed to a picture, quickly fixing her hair. Then I took a picture of that board that I finally understood and now appreciated. I must say I love this park! I don’t love banging the Airstream up it, but if it were paved, it would be a whole different ball game! I love the big beach and I love the way people bring the whole family. Little kids having fun camping in a wonderful spot. Two nights ago as I showered there was a man next to me showering with his young son. Mildly chattering the whole time, it was so cute. Of course I couldn’t understand a word, except the occasional, “Papa”. It sounded much like Diego and his son, Mateo, years ago. The two hikes I will remember as two of the best all time. I would love to come back, pay my dues and fish these incredible lakes in total silence. 

I have much greater respect and appreciation of this great park as we began our drive back 42km to the bridge. My strategy was to drive very slowly to minimize bouncing, pulling over several times to let people pass. There was a wave from a van, who was a man with his son, who had translated for me several times. The people in the campground had all been very nice, almost like a club. I stopped several times to take pictures, getting a nice picture of a loon drying its wings. It is hard to get close enough for a picture of them. An hour and a half later we arrived at the bridge. Turning onto the highway, Martha said it was like driving in a Cadillac, but soon enough ran over a huge dip in the road, making me curse.

We drove on to Shawinigan to a campground called Rouillard, where we need to do a lot of laundry, get groceries and charge the batteries. When we opened the trailer door, we found all the dishes smashed on the floor. The closet door latch was broken off. The closet in the bedroom had lost a hinge, and there were more rivets on the floor. Of course the trailer is filthy dirty with dust and sand. I looked for golf tees.

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