Airstream Time

Exploring North America in an Airstream

Parc National du Mauricie

4 Responses to “Parc National du Mauricie”

  1. Dick Rivers

    Are you catching any fish? You have not said a word about your success, or not. Very warm and humid since you left (high 80’s and 90’s). Your carpenter Paul has been repairing some rot around my house. Good guy. Time for the two of you to head home.

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    • Greg

      Hello Dick,
      I have only taken the fishing rod out once for an hour, but not a nibble. Your house! Get him back over to mine! We’re taking a catch-up day today.

      My best to you and Edwina,



  2. LeRoy and Sissy Bruton

    The fish must not be biting or you can’t catch em to save your life.Thanks for the Saturday morning tour. I looked for one lastsaturday but to no avail. We saw Pam Thursday night at Trevinas. Are your ears burning? She is enjoying her leisure as much as you are. She was an excellent assistant and a very nice person. You already knew that, of course.
    School starts for Nolan next weekure.. He’s excited to be getting his assigned football locker, helmet fitting and uniform early next week. That is a formula for a lot of teeth work in the future.
    Beautiful country you are in. Waiting to see Your first catch displayed along with a hundred dollar bill.
    Oh, that’s right, You finally have gotten a grip. Sorry.!


    • Greg

      I wondered why my ears were burning! Pam is the best and I miss seeing her!
      Oooo, an assigned football locker! That is too cool. Best wear that mouthguard. What position will he play?

      I’m wondering if I am ever going to fish. I just keep moving the fishing stuff around in the back of the truck. That’s the closest I can get so far. But it’s all fun. Try and stay on your feet now, and leave that fox where it is!



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