Airstream Time

Exploring North America in an Airstream

Hidden Valley

4 Responses to “Hidden Valley”

  1. Mark Zablotsky

    Very cool place Greg… Love you go chase your passion!!! Keep it up!!!


  2. Greg

    Thank you Mark. Can’t thank you enough for your inspiration! For those who don’t know, Mark is the most passionate and best photographer I know. Oh yea, and a great periodontist in California.



    The solar panels sound great. We had them on our house in Texas. They must be quite different than the ones on the house. Your storage batteries must be large. Can’t see them taking much in when there is no sun. Have to check them out. The TV in our camper is a piece of crap. Doesn’t pick up much. Did yours come with the camper or did you buy it later? Our truck/camper is over in Waynesboro getting de-winterized. I hope we can get together and go with you guys some time. The people who bought our house in Glenmore; I just found out they are putting a million two into it. Hope I can finagle my way in to see it when it is done. Looking forward to lunch. Billy



  4. Greg

    I’ll get some pictures of the solar system some time. The batteries are fairly big, but they are lithiym iron phoshpate, so they are lighter, charge faster, hold the charge longer and last about 15 years – probably enough for me. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but both of ours are good ones. Love to go with you guys some time. Yea, looking forward to lunch next week.



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