Airstream Time

Exploring North America in an Airstream

Loft Mountain Campground

2 Responses to “Loft Mountain Campground”

  1. Jane-Ashley Skinner

    Great pictures and you keep great company. I love the Brownfields! Virginia is such a beautiful state.

    Peter and I are enjoying our new place. The whole back of the house has big windows, so we are looking outside almost the entire day. We set our alarm for sunrise just so we don’t miss anything. We see deer daily–I don’t mind since we don’t have a flower garden out here and we watch foxes cross our field at least a few times a week. We had a litter of fox pups born on the farm this spring. They are the cutest thing. Our farm manager has seen a bear here before–he’s been here 12-13 years, but we haven’t seen any. I am glad about that. He saw two big black snakes last week. Again, I’d prefer to keep my sighting to just online. Lots of bugs and frogs. I just heard a cow moo!

    We saw turkey last week in Big Sur. There is a flock that hangs out at Post Ranch and we see them almost every time we are there. I’ve seen three bobcat–all in Big Sur and heard a mountain lion screaming outside our cabin one night. Coyote (both here and there) and condors, check. I’ve seen hundreds of whales and countless sea otters, sea lions, dolphins and even the fin of a great white. It’s incredible to watch schools of fish swim up and down the coast.

    Peter and I love living in two beautiful settings that are basically nature reserves. We are very lucky and grateful to be able to experience this kind of beauty on a daily basis. We just got back from two days in New York. It’s a great city and fun to visit, but after about three or four days, I have to get back to my wide open spaces.

    Thanks for your wonderful posts.



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