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Fernie to Hungry Horse Reservoir

3 Responses to “Fernie to Hungry Horse Reservoir”

  1. C K

    what does a bear warning sign look like???

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    • Greg

      Hi Carol. First there is a big sign saying you are in bear country, and to stay “bear aware”. Then there are bear-proof trash cans and bear-proof food storage lockers. Then you just know you are in the Rockies where there are black and brown bears. Being alert for cougars is a new thing for me. We haven’t seen a bear yet. I saw more walking the Appalachian Trail in Virginia.


  2. Bill Tilman

    Not really fighting a war but city council has voted to move all civil war statues because city council is mostly black and we had a riot so they blamed the statues and the stupid people of cville gave their ok to city council. DUMBER than MUD at least that is the story I heard. I find it hard to believe that the people of Charlottesville said that was OK. Those beautiful statues, Shame shame



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