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Spotted Bear River

2 Responses to “Spotted Bear River”

  1. Jane-Ashley Skinner

    Ugh. Beautiful pictures, but I wish you’d listen to me. Here are a couple of things I have learned living in fire country:

    1. Many people who depend on tourists for their livelihood can not be trusted. They will continue to encourage folks into the area given they only have a few months of the year to make money.
    2. Wilderness areas are inherently dangerous during fire season. There won’t be enough resources to go around to make you a priority. If you get yourself in a pickle, and someone does come to your rescue, remember you are putting others in danger. Plus, there are so many fires in the West, resources are spread very thin.
    3. The wind will shift the fire and the smoke. It’s no fun to wake up and feel as though your chest is being crushed because you’ve been breathing smoke all night.
    4. Be conscious of lightning–especially dry lightning. Game changer.

    It is a scary thing that you don’t have consistent WiFi. Make sure you keep up to date with the fire news. Unfortunately, this information is sometimes a day or more behind. Things change fast.

    Sorry to be such an alarmist, but, unfortunately, we have too much experience with fire living in Big Sur.

    It’s beautiful here in Virginia. Come on home, now. September and October are peak fire months.

    P.S. Do not burn an open fire under these situations. Just don’t. If you’ve seen a fire ring, it means someone is breaking the law. I can’t imagine open fire is allowed anywhere in Montana at this time. Hopefully, the idiot who had a camp fire is no longer anywhere near you or any other wilderness area in fire country.


    • Greg

      All great points Jane-Ashley. The only fire I have built was in Michigan back in July. Can’t even use the Cobb Grill to cook on. We are in Boise now. Kelly and Rhonda are heading south to Moab, while Martha and I will gradually head back through the northwest to Vancouver. Slight rain here today and some greatly needed snow in the mountains.



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