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Bike The Galloping Goose Trail

6 Responses to “Bike The Galloping Goose Trail”

  1. Bill Tilman

    Since you were at Galloping Goose Creek, when I saw the black snail, I thought it was a goose poop. Must learn to look closer at your pictures! When I got to the other snail and it looked the same only gold, I went back to the black one and yep, a snail it was.

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    • Greg

      Hi Alice,
      Miss you too! We have seen a few nice sunsets. We have really enjoyed Vancouver Island and hate to leave, but we will cross into the US on Sunday. Depending on the weather, we would like to see Olympic National Park, then head south along the coast before trying to find a good place to cross the Rockies. Hugs, Greg


  2. Jane-Ashley Skinner

    Peter spent a lot of time in Sooke harbor in his youth. HIs father was a big sailor.



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