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I have been making a granola for about a year based from Uli’s Granola at: I have just tweaked the recipe a bit by adding more rolled oats and wheat germ. I don’t know why granola is so expensive in the store. Often when I am on the road, I will buy some, but usually don’t like it. I did find one at Natural Grocers, but darned if I can remember what it was. It certainly isn’t hard to make your own. It takes about an hour and you have a three-week supply. This is what I use.

Grease two baking sheets with coconut oil. Combine the dry ingredients (without raisins or other fruit) in a large bowl. Mix maple syrup, coconut oil and a little pure orange oil, pouring and mixing into the dry ingredients.

To Do 3 cups rolled oats

To Do 1 cups raw cashews

To Do 1 cups raw walnuts

To Do 1 cups raw almonds

To Do 1 cups raw sunflower seeds

To Do 1 cups raw pumpkin seeds

To Do 1 cup wheat germ

To Do 1.5 cups unsweetened coconut flakes

To Do 1/4+ cup maple syrup

1/8 cup coconut oil

To Do 1/6 cup pure orange oil

To Do 2 cups organic raisins

Convection bake at 300 deg for 30-35 minutes, rotating the two pans after 15 minutes or so. Let it cool, then add the raisins.

This is not like baking breads. You can change the amounts to your liking, add things or leave some out. At breakfast I put about a cup of granola in a cereal bowl, then fill with Nature’s Path Organic cereal, or other to your liking. I like Nature’s Path because they don’t get soggy, come in many kinds and they are reasonably priced. You can even order them online at:

I buy all the ingredients at Integral Yoga.

Nature's Path Multigrain Oat Bran Flakes - 32 oz