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Lyme Disease

9 Responses to “Lyme Disease”

  1. pgevergreen

    Excellent review, should be forwarded to anyone who spends time out doors. Jake just took a tick off Payton, 4 year old doodle dog, yesterday. We’ve seen those little bastards on walks to the beach. Many more on walks inland. They obviously take some monthly meds to avoid complications. Can people do the same?

    After your excellent summation of symptoms I’m wondering if some of my acute onset TMD patients may be suffering Lyme disease. Thank you for the information. Post it everywhere. Be safe, and where the goofy paints. Martha loves you for who you are.


    • Greg

      Great suggestion PG. I will put it up on Facebook and wear those goofy pants 😀 That’s a great question about humans taking flea and tick medication. Apparently there was LYMErix developed for humans, but there were severe side effects, so it was pulled from the market. Our pets have a shorter lifespan, so one post suggested humans have more time to accumulate harm. I suppose three weeks of antibiotics is less harmful than a preventative. HOWEVER, as I learned, the disease is not so easily recognized.

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  2. Jane-Ashley

    I thought this was it! I had been trying to get a Lyme titer myself. I can’t get through to my GP who is undoubtedly overworked and understaffed.


  3. LeRoy Bruton

    I don’t mean to scare you but nothing I have ever heard about Lyme disease has been good. I am sure before this is over you will be an expert. So sorry this happened to you. Sounds like your heart issues may be related to Lymes.


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  4. biltil

    Thanks Greg. You need to stay out of the fricking jungles and just relax at home with your friends. problem solved. Hope you are doing well! Billy



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