Driving I64 Charlottesville to Mt. Vernon, Il

With a clean truck and trailer, I got off at 6:35 am. I remembered 64 being pretty easy to travel, but today that was not the case. There was lots of traffic. Well, normal traffic. Turning off 81/64 at Lexington, it is less traveled and quite beautiful. We have had so much rain, everything is so lush and green. I wanted to stop and take pictures, but with a 12-hour day, there was no way.

Crossing into West Virginia at 8:45, there was road construction everywhere. Bumpy side lanes and frantic drivers through Beckley made it nerve-wracking. There are two toll stops between Beckley and Charleston. I had put an EZ pass in the truck. This was my first time using it, and I envisioned it not working and having to back out of the EZ pass only lane, but it worked like a charm.

More construction, then you’re out, then back in it. Unlike a lot of road construction areas, there were lots of crews and a lot or work being done, with extra lanes being build in Beckley. That might have slowed me down this trip, but it sure will be nice next time. Ol Jim Justice at work. He is going to get the job done in his state!

I crossed the Big Sandy river just west of Huntington and into Kentucky at 1:00. Surely it would be easier in Kentucky, but more orange cones and barrels met me. It’s all good. This major interstate needs it. I don’t know what time it was when I crossed into Illinois, maybe 4:15 after Louisville. A big city on the Ohio River, I was surprised to find little traffic. In fact there was hardly any as 64 goes right through the middle of town.

I would like to have stopped and taken pictures of beautiful farms and lush, green fields across Illinois. It was gorgeous. Looking for radio stations, I found three, all with bible quotes in between songs. More construction, with crews paving long stretches after quitting time. It’s really pretty inspiring to see. Six years in jail for reckless driving through these work zones. 50-55mph strictly enforced with police cars in many of them. Glad to see we have police.

I found Archway RV Park just after 7:00 when they close, but I think it was Kathy who was still in the office. Very nice and relaxed, she asked me for all the ways she could give me a discount. Good Sam? No. Veteran? Well yes, but not retired or combat. Doesn’t matter, you’re good. No papers required. She told me about her father who was career Air Force, recruited to play football as a nose guard!

Another nice lady showed me to my site. I was getting pretty tired, so this was very helpful. I thought about not unhooking, but I was 5″ off level, so I unhooked, plugged in, fixed a glass of wine, made a quick dinner and tried to unwind. It was hot, very hot with 100% humidity. I walked over to Tractor Supply to look for something and noticed a Lowe’s a block away. On my way back, I got 16 lbs of ice for $2.50 out of a machine, dividing it between two coolers. It didn’t take me long to get to sleep.

Waking at 4:00, it was raining. I had heard warnings of flood watches in Kentucky and Illinois. Then it rained hard with lightening and thunder. The air conditioning was on all night, but the power went out. Now I was sweating again. I turned the inverter on and ran it off the batteries, a very nice convenience, though I’m not likely to get much solar today.

What the hell? I put on a raincoat, gathered my stuff and went looking for the bathroom and shower. I found it in the back of the office building. It was huge, one of the nicest bathroom/ showers I have ever seen in an RV park or anywhere else. OK, now I’m adding this place to one of my favorite campgrounds! Really nice people, very nice facility, easy access off 64, ice machine, Tractor Supply and Lowe’s across the street and all the hookups. 5 stars for a tired traveler! 690 miles today – too many and too long.

  3 comments for “Driving I64 Charlottesville to Mt. Vernon, Il

  1. Mark Zablotsky
    June 30, 2020 at 8:38 am

    Now that’s a long damn drive. Well done bro. Be safe and relax and enjoy being on the road. M


    • June 30, 2020 at 8:04 pm

      Thanks Mark. 4th of July falls in a bad spot for this trip. Must be in a good place this weekend.

  2. Ron Lowry
    June 30, 2020 at 11:51 am

    No matter where, traveling has lots of challenges.Stay safe.R

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