Moving to Panama City Beach

Monday, March 1, 2021

As usual, I opted to drive the roads less traveled, so we drove Rt. 98 to 267 to 20 to 231. Staying south of Tallahassee, it was a nice, peaceful drive on good roads, often with speed limits of 65 mph. It’s about a 4½ hour trip pulling a trailer if you don’t stop for lunch, but where’s the fun in that?

We drove into Wakulla Springs State Park to eat our lunch, paying the $6 entry fee. We were surprised by the big, beautiful lodge, unusual for a state park. The spring is also huge! From underground pops a clear body of water that almost instantly turns into a large river. Tour boats were tied to the dock. Monday was a quiet day for them. It was also a bit cool, overcast with a prediction for rain. There were a couple of swimmers at the pool. I’m sure this tour boat ride would be great.

As we turned south on 231, the rains came. By the time we got to Panama City it was a downpour. I slowed to 20 mph trying to see 20 yards ahead. Thankfully, there wasn’t much traffic. No one was headed for the beach on a day like this. We found our campsite at St. Andrews State Park, and backed in as the rain let up.

I had to put DEF in the truck, which of course was  all the way in the back of the truck bed slide, but with a few words, it came out. Diesel exhaust fluid keeps a diesel engine from generating black exhaust and burning more efficiently. If you don’t put it in, the truck will slow to 20 mph, so I always carry it with me. 

We listened to the UVA game on Martha’s iPad and drank a beer. We talked about going out to dinner, but were content to stay in and have a nice chicken soup made by Sandra.

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