The Marshes of St. Andrews State Park

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

St. Andrews State Park at the south end of Panama City Beach is a unique place. Surrounded by water and beautiful beaches, it has fresh water marshes in the middle. For two hours in the morning, I explored the northern end of the marsh. As we drive along one side, I had seen egrets sitting in leafless bushes, a few ducks and blue herons. It’s hard to photograph these birds through all the bushes, so I drove around to the north end of the marsh where I had seen a path leading up a ridge that might give me a good overlook. 


I soon found it wasn’t really a trail, but more a dear trail with lots of tracks. There are lots of deer in here, small ones with little to live on. However, they are very adaptable creatures. Winding my way along the ridge, weaving through and around scrub bushes, I never really found a great overlook of the marsh, but what I discovered were other marshes on the other side of this ridge. It’s a very cool area to walk.

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