Errands On a Rainy Day

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

What do you do on a cold, rainy day? Chores. We went to a laundromat and put in three loads of wash. The place was busy, as everyone else had the same idea. We walked down to the Dollar General to burn some time and ended up buying some things – a $3 solar light, suntan lotion, napkins and a John Wayne Early Years DVD with four movies in it for $4 😀. 

Then we went to a nice ABC store and felt like alcoholics, buying beer, cider, wine and a bottle of Maker’s Mark bourbon. 

Back at camp, we had lunch and took a 30-minute nap. Then off to the grocery store. Later Sandra and Ruff came over and Sandra cooked a lovely chicken marsala and asparagus. 

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