Farmer’s Market St. Andrews, Florida

Martha loves a farmer’s market, so we all headed over to historic St. Andrews. We found it beside a harbor, where some very nice boats were docked.It had rained earlier, so some of the vendors decided not to come, but we found plenty of interesting things. Martha bought some vegetables and fruits and a delicious cinnamon bun. I talked to a man who made interesting birdhouses, feeders and a squirrel feeder. His wife painted them. While I was looking over the boats, a little girl tugged on my arm, asking me to come look at her soap bombs. I couldn’t resist.

After lunch we took another walk on St. Andrews State Park beach. first we checked out an artist painting the beautiful scene. She was Cindy Shaw, who took the time to tell us about the painting and how she took up painting as a hobby some years ago. She said she would now take the painting home and work on it some more.

In the evening we went to Dusty’s Oyster Bar for dinner. I have never seen money stapled to the ceiling and walls – hats, but not money. Our waitress said there is now estimated to be $100,000 stapled to the walls, and it is insured. The place was busy, and packed.

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