Hungry Mother State Park 2

We started the day with a beautiful quiche Sandra brought

Campground host, Roy Stanley, came around to say good morning as he made his rounds. Roy and his wife, Elizabeth, do a great job. In fact I would later tell him they are the best! We have been to a lot of campgrounds and have seen a lot of campground hosts, but few will top Roy. Sometimes you never see the campground host, but Roy makes regular rounds, making contact with every camper, making sure everything is in good order. He even delivers firewood to your site. We had heavy rains last night. Roy said there were supposed to be strong winds, but thankfully, that didn’t happen. He said, “You know where to go if that happens? The restrooms. That’s a stone building with metal roof structure. A tree falling on that will do a lot less damage than it will to your trailer. You can even get in a stall and lock the door.”

Roy Stanley
Creekside Campground

We drove around the park to get learn our way around. There are lots of cabins, a lodge and meeting areas, with plenty of picnic areas. The big feature is a big lake with a beautiful beach. They have kayaks and canoes for rent, and the visitor’s center has a great wildlife display.

Since it was too chilly to swim, we headed into Marion to check it out. It’s a nice, little town with a busy downtown and some big employers.

Marion, Virginia
Marion, Virginia
Marion, Virginia

We headed back to camp for a siesta, then a nice fire by the stream watching the mallards feasting on something on the bottom.

Sandra has become an ardent student of RVing, and she had some great tips on keeping our black and grey water tanks clean. Then she measures and prepackages them. Maybe she will pass that along to us in the comments.

We enjoyed our stay at Hungry Mother State Park. I’m sure lots of people enjoy it in the summer. It also has Roy, the best campground host anywhere! However, they are leaving next week to get their house and pool ready for the grandchildren. Lucky kids!

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