Abingdon, Virginia: Silver in The Streets, Thursday

Thursday, May 13, 2021

We drove four hours southwest to Abingdon, Virginia for a 4-day Airstream rally called “Silver in The Streets”. Usually looking for secluded parks set in natural surroundings, this is a new venue for me. Through months of planning, the Virginia Airstream Club worked with the town of Abingdon to allow us to park on Remsburg Drive between the railroad tracks and Main Street. They blocked off the street so we had a block to ourselves. After Months of Covid restrictions, the town was just opening up. It is good for the town and it is good for us.

We pulled onto Remsburg Avenue, where David guided us to our spot. We were hoping for 20 trailers, but Covid knocked it down. Then the gas pipeline was hacked with ransomware, so fuel was very limited on the east coast. First, we had trouble finding diesel fuel to start the trip, but found some. Then we weighed the odds of being able to get back home. Fortunately, Abingdon had plenty of gas, and the town was quite happy to see tourists parked downtown.

Scott and Vickie

Lots of people walked through, wondering what we were doing and who we were. Some were interested in seeing the Airstreams. Most of our members were used to these rallies and had flags out and had a way of keeping the outside trim lights on at night. Three rigs were from Texas, one from North Carolina and seven from Virginia.

There were introductions all around, and it’s always fun to see how people set up, what their toys are and how they do things. Most had bikes, since that is one of Abingdon’s main attractions – The Virginia Creeper Trail. Andy and Linda had kayaks, and there are plenty of places to kayak here. Peter and Stephanie won the prize for most toys. Their Dodge Ram truck is well-equipped for off road travel. On the back are two Mountain bikes. Working from the trailer, they have set up a very secure network with a cell phone/WIFI booster on an antenna that can be electrically raised and lowered. Everyone had their own unique enhancements, which makes it fun.

After getting acquainted we took a walk around town, just to stretch our legs a bit. It’s a very pretty town with nice architecture and a lot of history.

As we got back, a historian, Michael Henningsen, with History Alive Tours, was telling the history of Abingdon in the character of Rufus Soule, a tavern owner. He was enthusiastic, entertaining and informative. He talked for an hour and a half and then was ready for a walking tour downtown. Some went, but I was too tired and couldn’t absorb any more. Looking back, I should have gone. Those who went were very complimentary, although tired.

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