Day: September 6, 2016

L’Anse Saint-Jean

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49℉ at 4:00, high 82

Monday, September 5, 2016

On a day of perfect weather, we went to Anse Saint-Jean. An Anse is a cove and a Baie is a big bay. Driving through town to the end we parked next to a Fjord National Park sign for a hike. While reading, a couple walked by heading up the trail. The lady stopped and gave us all kinds of information about the area, where to go, what the hikes were like as they had been here a few days. Speaking perfect English, they were from Montreal. The husband was obviously a seasoned hiker – very fit with legs that could walk for days. We took her excellent advice, heading across the covered bridge to the top of the hill for spectacular views. Then we took a short hike to a waterfall, but the real story is the houses of this town. They are so incredibly planted with flowers and plants. The style is so quaint, and I love the colors, the shutters and porches. Many have signs explaining the history or the style. You sometimes feel odd photographing someone’s home, but I could spend a lot more time taking pictures of them in this lovely little town. My favorite is the one that sort of looks like a small train station. I have always loved that design.

Back at camp Martha assigned me to cooking beats in a fire. It takes a long time to cook beets in a fire!! Just stick them in the hottest part of the fire and turn them every half hour for two to three hours! Thankfully the local termites stayed in their house. We had bought some things at a tiny shop on the way to the plage (beach), so we had an appetizer of red deer patè on baguette and a great salad with salmon, three kinds of sprouts and mushrooms. Yum!


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