Day: September 27, 2016

Biking Le Portage and La Grève

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34℉ at 6:00 with a high of 60

Monday, September 26th

We rode the bike trails across the valley of Parc National du Bic. It’s not a big park, so the ride was about 12.5 miles through beautiful forrest and along fields lined with rail fences. The park is along a series of bays defined by old mountains of the Appalachian Range. At the south end of the park we came out on a beach where two ladies discussed the day’s news. It was a chilly 50℉ with the ever-present wind off the St. Lawrence, but that didn’t stop one of the ladies from taking off her shoes and walking in the water. The temperature was perfect for biking or hiking, but a heavy cotton shirt does you no good when stoping and that wind cools you down. 

We walked down to La Coulèe for lunch, using a big rock as a wind break. We were on Baie du Ha! Ha!, which is beautiful. As we sat, we watched hundreds of little crayfish, or something like it, swimming around in the shallow pools of low tide. So this is what the seagulls come to feed on at low tide! 

Parc National du Bic

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We drove north to Parc National du Bic on the St. Lawrence River. The mountains are very old, worn down to steep hills, but still very pretty. The bays are home to seals, called phoques in French. The pronunciation of this word makes interesting conversation in English. Driving around the park to get the big picture, we saw the seals resting on rocks in the bays. The tide was out, exposing rocks and sand in the bays. We toured a second campground that was very busy. Our campground is next to the only highway going north, but the traffic isn’t a bother in the Airstream, and the view of the bay is nice. Actually, it is interesting watching the cars and trucks traveling the only road going around the Gaspè Peninsula. Population of the Peninsula is 133,000, so I would ’t think there would be so many on the road, but it is busy with tractor trailers, cars and campers. A railroad track parallels the road here. I love the sound of the train whistle, and the cars rumbling past. But if you like your campground more quiet, Camping Rioux is for you.

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