Airstream Time

Exploring North America in an Airstream

Avalon Wilderness Reserve & East Coast Trail

2 Responses to “Avalon Wilderness Reserve & East Coast Trail”

  1. CEJ

    I’m up in the AM and looking for AST posts.
    What a pleasure, you are a wonderful insightful
    writer. It’s like I’m reading about a bygone era, I’m
    so enjoying your and Marthas adventures. Charles Kuralt could learn from you. What a great escape prior to going to the grind and playing in saliva .

    AND where have I been? You have so many posts! Do you have a top 10 list? So much to read so little time. How’s your book coming? What’s going on with Patton?


    • Greg

      You are the best Curtis!! Thank you for such kind remarks. You have made my day. Martha and I have just been talking about our favorites of Newfoundland. Favorite town – Salvage. Favorite restaurants – Chucky’s Seafood and Wild Game Restaurant and the St. John’s Fish Exchange. Favorite places we have traveled to in 390 posts? I would put Newfoundland right up there, along with our stay at your house in Pacific Grove. Please give BT a big hug for me.



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