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Sauntier La Pinèda at Petite Saguenay

4 Responses to “Sauntier La Pinèda at Petite Saguenay”

  1. LeRoy and Sissy Bruton

    Beautiful walking trails in deep forest. The boat ride sounds nice too.
    Still a lot of talk about fish.
    Fish were here, now gone . Ideal trout fishing hole. Water too swift. Lots of fantasizing going on with little action or meat to show for it. I hope Martha doesn’t get tired of vienna sausage. It sounds like a sardine is the only fish that you are going to be able to offer your very tolerant bride. You don’r have to get up too early for those. You can just wait util the store opens at 8 AM. Don’t forget to buy saltines and malt vinegar.


    • Greg

      I just opened up a can, but I didn’t know about the malt vinegar. Labor Day is over. Not a sole in the campground but us. I’m going around seeing who left firewood.



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