Airstream Time

Exploring North America in an Airstream

Map of Where we Have Been so Far

3 Responses to “Map of Where we Have Been so Far”

  1. SARA

    Now that map is more like it!! Much easier to follow you now, and especially for foreigners like us! YOuve certainly done some miles…..where to next?


    • Greg

      I know it. It’s tough enough for us! With a lot of rain all day, we are going northeast to Les Escoumins for lunch. The lady we met at the Au Pain place recommended it. Lillian is her name, and she drives out of her way to go there, saying it is the best seafood! We have been looking forward to it ever since she told us about it. We are undecided about whether to continue north, go back to Haute Gorge, or cross the St. Lawrence by ferry. My sister is having some big issues, so I will have to fly to Baltimore some time, so that plays a part also.


      • SARA

        if you go north, will you see polar bears! Seafood on the coast for lunch, now I am salivating.
        Sorry about your sister, hope your trip isnt disrupted for too long…


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