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Drive to Parc National Du Lac-Temiscouata

We needed to catch the 9:30 ferry across the St. Lawrence, so we started getting ready at 7:00 and left at 8:00. We checked to see if anyone was up at the house, but all was quiet. It was Saturday and we wanted to let them sleep. I had a terrible cold and didn’t feel good. It is only 38km to the ferry and we got there in plenty of time. What could go wrong? It was a full moon and a very low tide, so they couldn’t take us! They took everyone but us. I started writing the blog, but was just too tired with the cold, so I got back in bed and slept for an hour. There is a campground next to the parking lot, so Martha went and asked if she could use their WIFI and they nicely said yes. Later she went to a nearby restaurant and got vegetable soup.

By 2:00 we boarded the ferry for a 1 1/2 hour trip across the St. Lawrence. We went upstairs to a lounge and watched for whales, seeing a couple of Belugas. I promptly fell asleep for another nap. 

There were two national parks that were close, and we chose Parc National Du Lac-Témiscouata. My navigator gets very stressed on a new route and seems to be having some difficulty with right and left, but we only made one bad turn. After stopping to grocery shop, we finally got set up in our new campsite in the rain by 7:00. Two signs told us to go to the campsite and check in the following day if we cam in late, and that’s what we did. Some people had complained online about the park because a gravel road leads in, but they have paved most of it now. I was asleep at 7:30. 

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